Freedom ​Now For Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street

​Dismantle the Ghetto--Take the Settlers Out of Hebron

The Shrabati brothers, who have been living on Shuhada Street, the very symbol and epicenter of the conflict and turbulent years following the massacre, for their entire lives. ”The situation continues. The street outside our door [Shuhada Street] has been closed for 23 years now. All the doors are weldedshut. We think its is over a 1000 stores in the city that has been forced closed due to the occupation. This street was important, and still is, because it connects south with north of Hebron. Now there’s only welded doors and restrictions”, Mofeid Shrabati is smoking a cigarette while talking about the situation of the neighborhood that he has been calling home for over 50 years now. ”We are the ones punished for what happened the 25th of February 1994”, he continues. ”We are also the victims” more

​​by Jo Anna,  February 2017. 

Jamela Shalalden & Abed Salayma ”My message to the world”, she (Jamela) continues ”Is that I’m a human being, jailed in my own home. We are captures here under physical and mental stress all the time. Everybody in world got to know what’s happening here and what it takes to live here, to come from here, to be a part of this corner of the world. They [Israel] are suffocating us and we are slowly dying. Come visit us to see yourself”. Abed follow her lead: ”We share our stories with so many people. I’ve shared my story with so many people. I’m even invited to speak at universities in England about what I’ve been through, what we are going through here. We are so many suffering from the occupation, you wouldn’t even know. My message to the world is to not believe anybody. Don’t believe media, don't believe anybody, don’t believe me. Come here and have a look yourself instead”.  read more

​by Jo Anna,  February 2017. 

Windows into Life

Nisreen interpretation of the beach massacre in Gaza 2006. Israel's bombing killed several Palestinian families. Many of the victims were children.

Hebron 2017: Fewer Palestinians, more checkpoints

By Amira Hass  published in Haaretz, Apr 19, 2017

Twenty years after Hebron was divided into two separate areas, the Palestinians who have remained in the Israeli-controlled section are a testament to courage and endurance.

Voices of Residents Living in Tel Rumeida

Nisreen al Azza   How can one person be this strong and filled with as much willpower as Nisreen? Especially after all she’s been through? When I ask her how she manages to cope, she just answers: ”We have the right to be here, this is our land, our home, everything here is a witness of us. We are like the olive trees, they have been her for a 1000 years, standing strong through it all”, Nisreen dictates, ”My message to the rest of the world is to keep visiting Tel Rumeida. Don’t turn your back on us and don’t forget us. We want to show you what is ours! Keep on supporting Palestine, not with your money but with your politics. Don’t forget us, don't forget us here in Tel Rumeida”.  read more

​​by Jo Anna,  February 2017.