Ramallah, August 30, 2016—Palestinian children in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, located in the southern part of the West Bank, returned to school on August 28 with no end to the Israeli-enforced military closure of their neighborhood in sight.

Despite rays of hope last May, when the military order closing the area lapsed, Tel Rumeida neighborhood has remained functionally closed to non-residents since November 1, 2015. Residents must register in order to enter via checkpoint. Each is assigned an individual number, separate from their standard-issued ID. Closed military zones pose staffing problems for schools and risks for children, who are forced to live in constant proximity to armed Israeli soldiers.

“Each child should have the chance to succeed at school,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program Director at Defense for Children International - Palestine. “Before children in Tel Rumeida even reach their school, their academic potential is threatened by Israeli military installments restricting their movements, and by Israeli settlers who often target them."

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Since October of 2016, Israelis Military command has violated the agreement between the Hebron District Ministryof Education and Qutroba School.  

The agreement permits Qurtoba teachers/staff and students to pass through the checkpoint without walking through the metal detector.  On random days the soldiers demand that the teachers walk through the metal detector.  The teacher and staff refuse, holding to their agreement.  

After significant delay, the soldiers will finally permit the teachers and staff to enter.  School is delayed 30 minutes to two hours. What have the Israeli military accomplished? 

140 Palestinian children who attend Qurtoba School have been denied their access to education.

Defense For Children International Palestine reports...

From Christian Peacemaker Teams:  

Girls and their teachers protest,  2 February 2017

​Windows into Life

From Ecumenical Accompaniment Teams:  4 October 2016

Back-to-school in Tel Rumeida, a closed military zone

Soldiers often monitor the children going to school from the roof.

Freedom ​Now For Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street

​Dismantle the Ghetto--Take the Settlers Out of Hebron

Contradicting an agreement reached earlier between the military and the school, soldiers decided to force teachers and their students to pass through a metal detector at Shuhada St checkpoint. Three girls refused to go through the metal detector, waiting in zero degrees, while multiple NGOs and their principal pushed for them to pass without the metal detector. After two hours they were finally allowed to go past without going through the metal detector.

OCCUPATION CAPTURED. CPT weekly update, 7 February 2017 

Qurtoba School

Pathway to the lower school building.