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Video one:  Soldier Arrests Teenage Boy at the Shuhada Street Checkpoint in Hebron:  Palestinian teenager, Mohamed Monef Qazaz, just 15 Years old, A CHILD! Kidnapped by Zionist forces at their checkpoint in Hebron while he crossed from one area to another. The Illegal occupiers are also trying to frame Mohamed by accusing him of having a knife when the video clearly shows the iof occupier already holding the knife as Mohamed is coming through the checkpoint.  Watch Video

​Video two:  Look ! The Knife Was Ready Before the Boy Was Arrested.  Follow up to the previous video with more proof the child was murdered execution style by the Israeli Army . In this clip you will see that the Israeli Soldiers had the knife in their possession before they arrested the boy.  Watch video

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​​The untold story of how the killing of Abdulfattah al-Shareef was taped  ​(click here)

Badee Dwaik (with Gilbert Ramsay) on January 12, 2017

Life for Palestinian Teenager Who Travels from Palestinian controlled area of Hebron to Israel Controlled Area

From Mondoweiss by Sheren Khalel on February 21, 2017

An Israeli court on Tuesday sentenced Elor Azaria to 18 months in prison, one-year probation and a demotion of his military rank, a month after the Israeli soldier was found guilty of manslaughter. Azaria shot and killed Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif in March after al-Sharif had already been shot and injured following an alleged attempted stabbing attack in Hebron. The main evidence in the case was footage caught on camera by Imad Abu Shamsiya, a Palestinian resident of Hebron who tells Mondoweiss, “There is no justice for the family. They lost a member of their family in a very brutal way, this 18-month sentence is not justice for the family, for the Palestinian people or our nation — no one got justice from this.”

International observers were present at the first Dismantle the Ghetto, Freedom for Palestine, event, which previously was called Open Shuhada Street.  This event was the first of several weeks of activities and actions.  It was held at Qurtoba Grade School, a Palestinian school that is in close proximity to a Jewish settlement.

There is an Israeli checkpoint at the bottom of the steps to the school.  Internationals and school personal and teachers are granted permission to climb the stairs.  On this day the internationals were concerned if they would be given permission. The Palestinians knew they would not be, so they entered the school property from a non-guarded entrance.  In fact, International observers were granted permission to climb the stairs to the school.  At Qurtoba School, the students put on skits, students and teachers were honored and Palestinian leaders spoke.

Freedom ​Now For Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street

​Dismantle the Ghetto--Take the Settlers Out of Hebron

Dismantle the Ghetto Campaign, February 2017

The Dismantle the Ghetto, Freedom for Palestine, event continued outside.  Participants shouted slogans and a Palestinian flag was raised for all to see. As this occurred on the school grounds, Jewish settlers from the settlement directly across the street appeared and began to shout. Israeli soldiers appeared in force and two of the most recalcitrant settlers came up the hill, broke through the fence and attacked an international observer who was standing, watching events unfold.  Another settler got into a scuffle with a Palestinian.  Israeli Police arrived. 

Several of the internationals present stayed until all the children and teachers were safely down the stairs.  This took some time.  Those who remained were called over by the soldiers and police.  They took their passports.  The soldiers and police eventually returned their passports and informed them that this area by the school as well as Shuhada Street was now a "Closed Military Zone.”  The remaining internationals could no longer leave by the stairs and walk Shuhada Street.  They had to exited through the Muslim cemetery and take a cab their homes. 

In West Bank, Witnesses To Conflict Are Using Video To Document What They See   (click here)

January 23, 20175:06 PM ET, Heard on All Things Considered, USA National Public Radio

by Joanna Kakissis

Media all over the world have covered the case of the killing of Abdulfattah Al-Shareef, the Palestinian teenager who was shot in his head in cold blood by Israeli soldier Elor Azaria on 24th March 2016 in the Tel Rumeida district in Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank. Hebron is unique among West Bank cities in that illegal Israeli settlements are distributed not only at its periphery, but also in the heart of the city, including in Tel Rumeida...

Camera Saves a Child from Assassination from Israel Army !

submitted by Human Rights Defenders, March 2017