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December 10, 11, 12, 2016

JUSTICE NOW for TEL RUMEIDA Campaign had its initial event:

presentations, workshops, children and youth activities, meetings with local people, and finally development of a strategic plan.


 Israeli Military Monitoring of CHILDREN walking to School 

Night Raids and Forced COnfinements to their Homes

numbering of people and extinguishing their Humanity

End Human Rights Violations:


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Verbal and Physical Abuses

What is happening to Tel Rumeida

Tel Rumeida, which houses two military bases, is the hardest hit neighborhood in the Old City of Hebron. Two systems of law exist with the nationality of the individual determining which system applies. This system privileges the illegal Israeli settlers who flagrantly violate fundamental principles of international law. The settlers and soldiers besiege residents and deliberately attack them with impunity. The Israeli authority frequently imposes military closures, creating a prison-like atmosphere, equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance technology. Israel troops impose arduous checks at multiple checkpoints.  Only residents who register with and receive a number from the Israeli army can enter their neighborhood.

Forced confinement and collective punishment. Troops and settlers physically and verbally assault residents, vandalize and damage their property and impose forced confinement, collective punishment, arbitrary detention and restricted movement.
Fatal shootings. Tel Rumeida residents live under the constant threat of harm and even death by settlers and soldiers. The recent fatal shootings of Palestinians in Tel Rumeida, the intensified and devastating military closures and the consequent confinement of residents demand our immediate attention and action. 

As just one example, an Israeli soldier executed Abid Al Fatah al-Sharif and Ramzi-al Qasrawi while they were lying injured on the ground from gunshot wounds they sustained after they stabbed a soldier this past March. B' Tselem video footage shows the soldier executing the injured al-Sharif by shooting him in the head. 

Human rights violations. Amnesty International reports that Israel drastically increased the arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians' movement in and around Hebron's Old City.  Israeli authorities declared parts of the Old City to be a "closed military zone." These closures impact access to basic rights such as healthcare, education, employment and purchase of life-sustaining food and consumer goods.

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to end the harassment of Palestinians by settlers and to end the Israeli Military control of the community of Tel Rumeida.  Our vision is for the people of Tel Remuida to live in a community where FREEDOM and JUSTICE prevails.

by Feryal Abu Haikal on 23 September 2016.  A translation from Arabic

Tel Rumeida is moaning under the heavy pressures of the occupation to Judaize the area. May Allah give rest to all those who have been killed. Israeli soldiers from the Civil Administration came in a patrol to register the ID numbers of all the residents of Tel Rumeida on Thursday 22 September. This is a wider area than was included in the previous closed military zone and now covers the whole of Tel Rumeida. They asked the Palestinians they met to bring all the IDs of those living in each house. We sent copies of the IDs of all the family members including the children who live outside the area but come in to visit. September 22nd, soldiers knocked on the doors and asked for ID's to register us. When we said we already sent all the ID’s, they said they only want to know who actually lives in the house. They said that we are allowed to go in and out the checkpoint. We asked about our children coming in to visit us he said , “YOU have to go visit them.”

The Israelis want to establish new fences and 2 new checkpoints staffed to replace the old unmanned concrete blocks. (Which we wanted removed anyway because they were preventing anyone from driving or making deliveries in the area, even ambulances.)

Soldiers say the new restrictions were triggered by the 2 incidents on Friday16 September when Mohammad al Rajabi 15 years old was killed at Jilber checkpoint and on 17 September when Hatem al Shalowde (25y/o) was killed at the concrete blocks. Since that date we all live in the new closed military zone and no one is allowed in or out. New procedures added to the closure have been enforced on the whole area of Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street in order to empty the area of it's residents.

Statement by long time resident of Tel Rumeida

Restriction of movement